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VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES :- Micro-Processor based complete system with special features for ENERGY SAVING in all types of PRIME MOVERS involving variable loads and parameters.
Typical Applications :- Cooling Tower Fan Motors, Circulating Pumps etc.
Advantages :- Reduced Power Consumption, Maximum Energy Saving, Low Pay-Back Period
CHILLING PLANTS :- Water Chiller Package System, On-Line Condensing Unit
HEAT-EXCHANGERS :- Shell & Tube DX Type, Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE), Indirect Evaporative Type
SCRUBBERS (FRP) :- Kitchen Exhaust, Fumes Extraction, De-gassing, Air Washer
BLOWER :- Centrifugal Blowers, (Single & Double entry) for All types of Scrubbers, Air Washers Room Pressurization (Negative & Positive)
CHEMICAL STORAGE TANKS (FRP) :- Cylindrical Design with PP, PVC lining and different Grades of Resin for various chemicals
FRP CABINS / BOOTHS :- Elegant, Sturdy, Durable & Portable for Site Offices, Security Cabins, Toll Booths etc.
FRP LINING AT SITE :- FRP lining of various equipments, using required Grades of Resin and Fiberglass, at Site.
FIELD DYNAMIC BALANCING :- Dynamic Balancing of any rotating part (High / Low Speed) viz. Cooling Tower Fan, Fly-Wheel, Quill, Impeller, Propeller Shaft etc. at Site without requiring Shutdown.
PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS OF COOLING TOWERS :- Our Professionals can evaluate the performance of your existing Cooling Towers & suggest Suitable modifications to enhance the performance of Cooling Towers.
MANY OTHER PRODUCTS MADE TO ORDER :- Upgradation, Modification, Substitute etc.
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