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True Aerodynamic Blade Profile
The Fan Blades are so designed as to have a True Aerodynamic Profile throughout the length of the blade which offers least resistance to air flow. This results in reduced power consumption. This also reduces the noise level considerably.
Light Weight / Hollow Section
The Fan Blades are moulded by a unique process which enables us to make them in Hollow Section; thus the fans Blades are extremely light in weight as compared to solid-section FRP or Cast Aluminium Fan Blades. This further helps in reducing power consumption
Corrosion/Erosion Resistance
The Fan Blades are made out of Epoxy (or Vinyl-Ester) Resin and Fiberglass which makes them highly resistant to corrosion due to chemicals and erosion to water droplets.
Long Life
The unique compression moulding technique used for making the Fan Blades results in very high glass content which makes them hard and tough. It also enables us to make the blades Seamless. A right kind of mix Woven Rovings, Unidirectional Rovings, Chopped Strand Mat and Tissue Mat imparts high fatigue strength in all directions and at all points providing durability and a longer life.
Dew-Pond has a wide range of FRP Fans to select from. These Axial Flow Fans are suitable for Cooling Towers, Air Washers (Humidifiers), Exhaust, Pressurization, Ventilation, etc.
Diameter : 2' To 40' Air Flow Range - 20,000 cfm to 10,00,000 cfm. Static Pressure -0.5" W.G to 1.5" W.G.
NOTE : Fans can be tailor -made to suit any specific duty conditions.
Blades :- Resin - Epoxy / Vinyl Ester
                Fibreglass - Woven Rovings / Unidirectional Rovings / CSM / Tissue

Hub :- Up to 12' Dia - Cast Aluminium
           Above 12' Dia - MS HDG (with / without CI Spool)
           Fasteners - SS 304 / SS 316

As per ISO 1940 : Gr. 6-3 for vibration free operation
Upto 6' Dia   : Dynamically Balanced apiece
Upto 30' Dia : Hub - Dynamically Balanced
                        Blades - Moment Balanced
Above 30' Dia : Hub - Statically Balanced
                           Blades - Moment Balanced
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